Cooking style that is straight forward and full of flavor

Having been the right-hand to Christophe Hay over the last 4 years, Nicolas Aubry now reinterprets the classic recipes of Bistro cuisine.

Coté Bistro offers an original selection of set menus and the list is voluntarily short so that you can fully enjoy our savoir faire using products from the same local producers used by the Maison d’à Coté, providing an attractive price and an accessibility of fine food to all.

The restaurant is closed
Sunday evening / Monday / Tuesday noon

Annual holiday
From September 29th until October 5th 2020 included
December 24th and 25th 2020
From January 1st evening to january 25th 2021 included

Due to the current sanitary conditions we cannot accept tables above 10 seats, we thank you for your understanding.

Equipe bistro
Boeuf Wagyu confit
Façade Bistro
Mousse de poisson de Loire
Equipe Bistro 2
Agneau solognot
Chef bistro
Miel des ruches du jardin
Fraise de Sologne
Pâté en croute
Vinaigre aux fleurs
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By phone at  +33 (0)2 54 33 53 06