La Maison d’À Côté and its chef, Christophe Hay, can be proud of their two Michelin stars, a rare and precious distinction. In the Loir-et-Cher, and more precisely in Montlivault, between Blois and Chambord, the restaurant invites you to discover an inspired menu, featuring local products and Loire gastronomy.

A Michelin restaurant closed to the Loire River

Choosing La Maison d’À Côté means entering Christophe Hay’s world and his love of regional products and creativity. An example? The very large vegetable garden created by the chef himself: hundreds of different species are cultivated here, from goji berries to vegetables and tubers to rare beans. For Christophe Hay, who received his second Michelin star in 2019, the product itself is what matters most. So much so that the fish served in his restaurant only come from the river: the Loire Valley has a lot to offer, and the chef works with passionate fishermen to sublimate carp, perch or catfish.

A restaurant with two Michelin stars near Blois

A few minutes’ drive from Blois, La Maison d’À Côté is both a gourmet Michelin-starred restaurant for locals, but also for the many tourists visiting the castles located in the Loire Valley.

In La Maison d’À Côté’s restaurant, the kitchen is open to the dining room. And, much to the surprise of people discovering Christophe Hay’s restaurant and hotel for the first time: it is the brigade and the chef who come to the tables in order to describe their creations. Something new in a Michelin-starred restaurant, inviting dialogue and enriching experiences. On the menu, dishes have become signature over time, around Sologne wagyu beef, Chambord carp or Mallard pithiviers.

Sologne caviar, if it remains little known, surprises more than a guest. For a unique experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant and hotel, book your dinner (for two) at the Chef’s Table, on the kitchen counter. A magical moment at the very heart of the kitchen.

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